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Hayley Brackley

Great Minds Don't is the creation of Hayley Brackley. Hayley often heard the phrase "Great minds think alike" and found herself frustrated, knowing that a different way of thinking didn't make a mind less great. From here came Hayley's mantra, "Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike", and she has used this to underpin all of her people development work since! 

Hayley lives in a sleepy Northamptonshire town with her husband and two children. She has always had a keen interest in people, why they do the things they do, say the things they say and feel the things they feel. Adding to this a turbulent journey through life means Hayley has a very relatable character. She thrives on helping others grow and flourish, with her best days being the days she has made a real difference. 


Qualifications and Awards

Hayley is a qualified coach, she holds the Neuro-Linguistic Programming status, and is committed to her own personal development in order to continue to deliver the best possible results for and with her clients. 

In 2020, Hayley was nominated for an ITV National Diversity Award, under the category of Positive Role Model, this followed both work with individuals who considered themself to be from a minority group, and Hayley embracing being herself - Hayley has ADHD and Dyslexia and will often be found sharing her story to help others to do the same.  


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hayley as a neurodiversity consultant - she is generous with her supportive guidance and her depth of understanding of the area really shines through. She is a warm, engaging and approachable professional who is a pleasure to work with. She gave us useful feedback to improve the accessibility and quality of our training in a timely and constructive way, demonstrating both her knowledge of good facilitation and her specialism. 

Co-Founder of Ani Group,
Sara Pardoe-Flay

Absolutely incredible session with Hayley for our first after work, mental health drop in session. I came to the session feeling so stressed and I left having laughed, learnt some great tips and having distressed through the activities and meditation session. 

Area Manager of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service,
Georgina Coop

Hayley combines her wealth of knowledge and skill in multiple areas in a truly inspirational way. She merges her intuition alongside an understanding of the disciplines of learning and development, neuroscience and therapy to provide a unique perspective. I have experienced her use this expertise to great effect, from 1-2-1 coaching through to design and delivery of group sessions and development programmes. 

Associate Solution Focused Coach,
Abi Boughton-Thomas

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