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Corporate Services 

At Great Minds Don't, we don't believe in ticking boxes. We know the people in your business are your greatest assets, and so we will work with you to ensure your people have the environment to be the best version of themselves. 

Hayley recognises that often challenges within businesses are not isolated to one individual benefitting from coaching, she therefore offers block booking for businesses who are looking to take individuals or teams through a period of change, adjustment or transformation. Hayley can also offer developmental coaching, including the creation, curation and monitoring of development plans.

These sessions can take the form of one to one coaching, group work or a combination of the two. 

Hayley offers a service to assist neurominority individuals (those with the specific learning difference such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Austism, Dyspraxia) to communicate well with line managers, from initial disclosure to mediating understandings, with a solution focused approach. 


All workshops are delivered as inspiring, engaging and impactful virtual workshops, but can be delivered face to face. Topics covered include:


Difficult conversations, such as addressing underperformance or managing unrealistic expectations, can feel overwhelming. However, by learning the foundations, the right words, and the right mindset, we can navigate these conversations and achieve successful outcomes.

During these training sessions, we explore the tools and strategies for having productive discussions.

Challenging Conversations


During coaching sessions we will work with your employee to identify what is working well, what is not working so well, and help them to develop strategies that increase wellbeing. performance and productivity in the workplace.


We use an evidence based and whole person approach to support the client in adopting new habits and strategies.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills


An individual contributor's success may be directly tied to their own efforts, but a manager's success relies on their ability to engage and motivate others, including team members, employees in other departments, and even external stakeholders. A manager must be able to effectively lead and coordinate the efforts of various individuals within the organisation.

New and Aspiring

Manager's Programmes


Whether you have had negative past experiences with change or are anticipating a significant change in the near future, this workshop can help you develop the skills and techniques needed to overcome any fears and embrace change more easily. We will explore topics such as mindset and past experiences, and provide you with tools and techniques to support you through the process of change.

Embracing Change


Maximising efficiency is crucial for achieving success in any area of life, whether it's in business or in finding a healthy balance between work and personal fulfilment. You will learn the strategies and tactics used by top performers to accomplish more in less time.  Learn how to work smarter, achieve more, and grow your success with this workshop.

Getting the Most of Your Day


This workshop emphasises on the importance of teamwork and collaboration in increasing productivity and streamlining problem-solving for you and your team. You will gain valuable skills and knowledge that are necessary to effectively lead and motivate others. The training will help you and your team understand the concept of a 'can do' attitude and how it can assist in reaching goals. 



The purpose of our workshop is to provide an overview of neurodiversity. We aim to help participants understand conditions like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, and Autism. We typically discuss how to recognize neurodiversity in the workplace, the impact of neurodiversity on thinking and communication, along with the strengths and challenges associated with neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity Awareness


Resilience is about being flexible and adaptable in the face of change and adversity.This workshop helps individuals can improve their resilience and increase their ability to handle challenges as opportunities, rather than stressors. This can lead to an overall improvement in quality of life and a decrease in stress and anxiety.



This workshop is often customised for entire teams, providing training skills for all team members and culminating in a reflection on how the training can be applied in the work context.

The workshop material can be tailored to meet the specific needs and expertise of your staff. We can work with you to develop learning objectives that align with your goals.

Bespoke Design

Businesses and individuals to support creating a neuro-inclusive environment. These services range from coaching, training, consultancy to facilitating networking groups.


Whether your needs are large or small, contact Hayley today for a consultation on how she can support you. 


This workshop is designed to bring together teams who are having difficulty communicating, sharing or understanding. As teams have navigated turbulent times, they can become disconnected. 

This day long workshop brings together a blend of group coaching and learning facilitation, giving the opportunity to pause, regroup and set a future direction. 

Hayley is an established and sought after speaker, she delivers compelling talks on a range of subjects including: Diversity and Inclusion, Neurodiversity, Bullying, Mental Health & Illness and the Benefits of Coaching. Hayley can speak from her own lived experiences as well as providing the knowledge and expertise on a subject to deliver consistently fabulous sessions. 

If you'd like Hayley to appear as a guest at your next virtual or in person event, please get in touch with as much notice as possible. 


As an accredited Facet5 practitioner, Hayley is able to guide you and your employees through your own personality report. Utilising one of the most valid of the Big5 personality tools, Hayley will create a personal report, delivered in a 90 minute coaching session for maximum impact. Previous clients have experienced increased understanding of self and others, improved communication, and a more efficient distribution of work and tasks based on a strengths based approach.


Should your organisation prefer, Hayley can also facilitate personality reports using MBTI. Please get in touch for more information.



Training Session
From 45 minutes

For up to 16 participants, covering a multitude of topics.

1 hr

Facet5 or MBTI Feedback Coaching Session

Including creation and digital copy of Psychometric Report.

1 hr

Speaking Event

60 minute talk with opportunity for questions & private consultation. 

1 hr

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