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What Do We Do?

Great Minds Don't is the creation of Hayley Brackley. Hayley often heard the phrase "Great minds think alike" and found herself frustrated, knowing that a different way of thinking didn't make a mind less great. From here came Hayley's mantra, "Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike", and she has used this to underpin all of her people development work since! 

Our Coaching offers tailored support for neurodivergent individuals, focusing on identifying strengths, improving wellbeing, and implementing evidence-based strategies to enhance performance and productivity in the workplace.

Our Training offers comprehensive sessions covering the concept of neurodiversity, various neurodiverse conditions, appropriate workplace language and communication strategies.

Our Keynote and Panel Discussions offers engaging talks on Diversity and Inclusion, Neurodiversity, Bullying, Mental Health, and Coaching.


Our Consultancy offers a supported approach to incorporating Neurodiversity in the workplace, emphasising its benefits in fostering competitive advantage, employee engagement, well-being, and compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

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About Hayley Brackley

Hayley Brackley Bio
Hayley had a turbulent start to life. She shares her story, beginning with starting primary school – where she was quickly sent home!
As school life progressed, she found herself in increasingly difficulty, until within a year she was diagnosed with ADD and Dyslexia, and then accepted into Mensa! Medication, and different ways of working meant Hayley left school with an unpredictably decent selection of GCSEs. In joining the world of work, Hayley found an environment not fit for neuroinclusion, and following a breakdown, set out to make our working world a place where everyone can belong and thrive, regardless of neurotype! In doing so, Hayley discovered she is also Autistic, an insight that explained social and sensory differences!
Hayley lives in a sleepy Northamptonshire town with her husband and two children. She has always had a keen interest in people, why they do the things they do, say the things they say and feel the things they feel. Adding to this a turbulent journey through life means Hayley has a very relatable character. She thrives on helping others grow and flourish, with her best days being the days she has made a real difference. 

Our Clients

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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hayley as a neurodiversity consultant - she is generous with her supportive guidance and her depth of understanding of the area really shines through. She is a warm, engaging and approachable professional who is a pleasure to work with. She gave us useful feedback to improve the accessibility and quality of our training in a timely and constructive way, demonstrating both her knowledge of good facilitation and her specialism. 

Associate Solution Focused Coach,
Abi Boughton-Thomas

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